10 Best Chatbot Builders in 2022

Tidio is a fitting WordPress chabot plugin if you don’t want to integrate with Facebook Messenger. During 2019, too, SnatchApp, our proprietorial messaging app will be launched. This is a product we’ve been working on for some time and it has two beautiful features.

What is the best free chatbot platform?

  • Intercom.
  • Zendesk Support Suite.
  • Tidio.
  • Drift.
  • MobileMonkey.
  • Landbot.
  • Birdeye.
  • Botmaker.

Furthermore, the chatbot will recognize similar phrases from users and add these to your chatbot. Be where your clients prefer to communicate — your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other messaging platforms. The actual best chatbot platform 2019 chatbot builder isn’t like many of the other drag-and-drop ones, which brings it down a notch, but setting up flows is still relatively easy. Instead of displaying flows in a big interconnected chat, each element is in a line.


Here’s the level of customization that you gain when using WP-Chatbot. Available mobile app allows business owners to respond to chats while on-the-go. The reason for MobileMonkey’s meteoric growth is due in large part to the popularity of the Messenger live chat plug in.


Tars delivers a personalized landing page experience to potential customers who click on your PPC ads. Instead of having a static landing page, Tars provides allows you to start conversations. Not surprisingly this then results in a massive50%+ increase in conversion rate. Create, customize and launch.Describe the algorithm of its actions, develop a database of answers and test the work of the chatbot. Double check everything before showing your creation to potential customers. Other benefits are that customers get a far quicker response and that can be 24/7, which can improve customer satisfaction.

Design & launch your conversational experience within minutes!

The plan involves two primary costs — the license fee and the setup fee. The chatbot cost of these will vary based on the scope of the project. Since chatbots are at the forefront of customer communication on all major platforms, they elevate the brand impression of being responsive in real-time.

  • The Visual Chatbot Builder provided by Activechat.ai is catered to the needs of both nontechnical users and seasoned developers.
  • Tidio Live Chat is a great chatbot for communicating with customers on your website.
  • Building blocks for understanding intent, such as parsing the user query, can be provided by the API.
  • For the average user, Ubuntu simply isn’t as easy, intuitive or user-friendly as Windows.
  • The adoption of chatbots accelerated in the last few years when Facebook opened up its developer platform and explored the possibility of chatbots through their Messenger app.
  • The platform has established its target markets to be as travel, banking, and entertainment industries.

Enterprises use chatbots to place them as the first point of contact to reduce customer churn and set them to prompt live agents to address complex issues. ProProfs ChatBot uses branching logic to help you map out a conversation with customers. By integrating ChatBot with ProProfs Help Desk and ProProfs Knowledge Base, your team can create tickets for complex questions or provide links to relevant answers during an ongoing conversation.

Drift Chatbot

Chatbots are not just an advantage when it comes to your external customers, but internal as well, as they offer customer, employee and business benefits. The platform allows your bot to be deployed in multiple languages, markets and channels. Kore also comes with a selection of virtual assistants that brands can readily utilize in sales, customer support, IT help desk, retail banking and commerce.

This is one of those platforms that requires a level of coding expertise. If you have an engineering team, then they can pretty much whip up a custom bot with endless possibilities, as the multilingual platform is pretty flexible. The free version of the platform allows you access to all the features for up to 50 users. The Pro plan starts at $15/month, while the Premium Plan starts at $300/month. Do you need the chatbot to push/pull data from a 3rd party system?


Voice-to-text support, human takeover feature, and livechat are also available. Analytics evaluates different metrics including most frequently asked questions, actions, or cohort analysis. AmplifyReach is a conversational automation platform for sales, marketing, insurance, banking, travel, adTech, and support teams.

best chatbot platform 2019

If 2018 was an amazing year for us, we think 2019 will be even better. From our own metrics, we can see a tipping point seems to have been reached in some verticals. Of course, our platform is vertical agnostic and users are spread fairly evenly over all industries and cultural sectors, but in Education and Banking especially, there is a strong tide in favour of chatbots. Customer Service Deliver and enhance your customers’ experience using intelligent, personalised automation. Financial & legal Whether your focus is retail, commercial, or investment banking, or fintech, bots can provide a conversational and engaging experience for your customers or employees.

Read about some of the best Open-Source Chatbots available in 2019.

Chatbots are the new rage as more top brands are advancing the technology and integrating it into their chat systems. Big names such as Facebook and Telegram have already made moves in this arena by creating their own chatbots and chatbot platforms. The Rasa Stack is a set of open source machine learning tools. Developers can use these tools to create chatbots and assistants.

best chatbot platform 2019

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